melbourne vs sydney electricians

Ladies and gentlemen, oh and Trans and No-genders, and all 50 genders in-between, let it be announced that thanks to the ever-emerging Covid-19 lockdowns, the gaping chasm between Melbourne and Sydney is wider than it’s ever been.

It was always wide, with Melbourne businesses never speaking to Sydney businesses, and a massive amount of suspicion hanging in the air on that long, dusty road that gets you from magnificent Melbourne to the intellectually-paucified and financially-wretched city a long way (thankfully) up the road.

Why wretched in a financial sense, I hear you ask. Because people are so consumed with their mortgages or rents, that they live heads-down in their phones, diminished ambitions, diminished futures – Sydney people, you should get out – it’s no life.

Even within the same companies, Melbourne offices are at war with their Sydney counterparts. Who gets the bigger slice of the salary pie? War.

But, when it comes to tradies, there’s a whole lotta love! Hard to believe it, but tradies from these 2 cities know they can learn a lot from the bubble across the great divide. Plumbers might as well be in each other’s holes, so warm and murky is the affection. Builders, if there’s a buck to be made, they’re happy to penetrate each other’s constructions. And electricians, they spark each other’s souls, after all, electricity is to be shared.

Hence when looking for Sydney electricians, you can be sure that the best Sydney electricians are Irish in the mirroring way that the best Melbourne electricians are from Cornwall, South Sudan and Kent.

Yes, Sudanese immigrants are making their mark in more than just the AFL. They are magnificent on the field, but in the field of electricity, they light up Melbourne in ever-increasing ways. Not just the men either – female Sudanese tradies are set to be the next focus for AAMI ads – they’ll be ditching the trannies as too patriarchal next time they run an ad during half-time in the AFL grand final.

Whether installing ceiling fans or air-conditioners, a switchboard upgrade or garden lighting installation, or doing an emergency job 24/7, no matter the obstacles, both cities are highly professional in sales and marketing as well as actual performance.