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About Us

Less Time Design

With our team of over 80 app developers and designers, our project lead time is up there with the best. Choose us for your app design and save your business valuable time.


SEO Optimised

Along with designing and developing your app, we also provide you with an additional landing page. After completing in-depth keyword research we integrate your landing page to be SEO optimised, maximising your online traffic.

Well Documented

We follow a proven step by step process that ensures you get results and your app is developed within the specified time frames, allowing you to focus on your marketing efforts to increase downloads.

Email Marketing

At MAD Melbourne, we don’t just design and develop, we also have the option to contribute to your marketing efforts through email marketing as an added service.

Powerful knowledge

With a combined experience of 100+ years design and development , we know the importance of efficiency without compromising quality.

Data Backup

With our servers and security protocols, as well as our technical team on standby, we ensure that your data and intellectual property is securely and continously backed up, giving you peace of mind.

User friendly apps

We ensure that life is made simple for your user. The key to our app design is making it easy to figure out how to use your app within seconds to minutes without any guidance. We combine great concepts with easy usability, making your app a big hit in the app store and offering your users a fantastic experience.

Client Talk

Enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with MAD Melbourne. Truly professional and a world of knowledge. Highly recommended app developers.Jake Ivory Director JW Enterprises
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Nikolai Heaphy-Page

Founder & Tech Genius

From a young age, Nik has been fascinated by technology which he's used as an outlet in feeding his creative flair. He has spent many years fine tuning his technical skills and has a real passion for originality in the mobile app world.

Ed Evans

Founder and Creative Head

Coming from a design and marketing background, Ed's main passion is the school of creative thought. He gains great joy in stripping back a project, solving the core problems of the brief and coming up with new and innovative solutions.

George Fletcher

Project Manager

With a wealth of experience in software and business development, George has the know-how and the passion to ensure that your project is managed to perfection.

Pranjal Mehta

Technical Director

Having worked in software development in both Australia and India, Pranjal has expert experience and is perfect in his role as technical director. Speed and attention to detail are his fortay giving MAD Melbourne efficient lead time on all projects.

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