There may indeed be a flood of technological solutions heading toward the winning post in the betting apps competition, but the truth is that this race is far from over. As soon as one corporate bookmaker reinvents the wheel, another comes along and redefines the entire event. It is all about making online sports betting more inclusive and easier to access for all. These apps for smartphones are funnelling money faster and in a greater multitude than ever was thought possible. The digital age is about information; and in this instance, how data can be used to turn age old recreational pursuits like gambling into new technologically inspired pursuits for the twenty first century.

Has the Market for Betting Apps Been Flooded?

The simple answer is no, the market for betting apps has not been flooded to a level where more is less. The demand for easier, faster and friendlier online betting continues apace my fiery steed. Technology is taking the jobs of large sections of our society and replacing humans with machines. Human beings are looking for outlets that can engage them in a brave new world. Capitalism and the free market economy stills runs on money and property. Gambling and betting will remain obsessions whilst money still rules the world.

Information and mathematical odds are perfect partners for devices and apps in the digital age. Algorithms are the modern equivalent of the three card trick, in that they purport to show you things whilst actually confusing you with too much information. Punters are overwhelmed with endless data about form, bloodlines and the endless minutiae of racing, but they miss the obvious mathematical equation in front of them. That these odds are framed for the majority of them to lose.

Check out the offers available in most online betting markets and it seems that a cornucopia of choices is on display. More exotic types of bets and a greater range of betting than ever before. The brutal fact is, however, that someone is funding this business and it is not some charitable institution. It is the multitudes of losing punters, who seem to have no voice in the media, or are so used to taking it up the back passage that no one hears them anyway. The lure of lucre promised by the multi makes rational human beings put aside their sensible selves to believe in one mad moment.