“My love is like a red red rose”, so said Robbie Burns, but what he meant to say, was my love is like an intranet. Why would he say that in the year 2017 on Planet Earth? He would say that, because intranet is all about intimate communication. It is all about that special connection between human beings. It is a secure channel for the exchange of delicate and important information. Your intranet is your company channel, only for your people. Wherever they go, they can access their red red rose.

Internet Apps To Help Build A Fast Intranet Solution

The world is changing faster than Mr Burns could have ever imagined. Relationships are conducted via digital communication platforms. Social media has linked the billions of people around the globe to allow them to share things like poetry, soft murmurings and declarations of love. There are apps available for a multitude of purposes and they all contribute to this sense of connectedness. Internet apps to help build a fast intranet solution are appearing every day in a variety of guises for all sorts of applications. A fast solution to some age old problems.“My love is like the melody…

That is sweetly played in tune.” Intranet applications are making new tunes possible for businesses and enterprises all around the world. Technology is the flowering of humankind’s love for one another, it is about sharing what we know and feel. In words and pictures, we are sweeping aside the loneliness of a lonely planet. Friends and families are reaching out beyond their hometowns and streets to encircle this globe with smiling faces. Doing business is fast becoming friendlier, more relaxed, and less officious. Can doing business become an application of love? Can we be inspired to bring a positive lifestyle to bear on business?

“And I will come again, my only Love, Though, it were ten thousand mile.” Intranet solutions will provide that secure communication, whether it be ten million miles or kilometres between parties. Instant communications via apps on devices like smartphones and tablets connecting you and your people in real time. Our humanity can rise up and overcome the necessities of living and working with love. We can reach out together and unite in a common goal to the benefit of all humanity. Technology is a tool born of wonder and it can promote love, “While the sands of life shall run.” Robbie Burns would saviour this day and the technology at his disposal.