Information, despite the plethora of the stuff purporting to be online, is still valuable in the right hands. You can get lost in the rivers of data flooding the ether in the digital universe, but getting the right information when you need in most really counts. The law and what it can do to protect you or harm you is one of those situations when you need to be armed with relevant information. That device you use to communicate with the various worlds you inhabit, your smartphone, can become the ultimate legal resource in the right hands.

Turning Your Smartphone Into The Ultimate Legal Resource

Let’s face it, laws are being changed all the time, that’s what those overpaid, phoney, smiling manikins on TV, called politicians, are doing when they are not lying on camera. Legislation is the big word for it and the pollies are shovelling that legislation around like Dynamic Lifter on a summer’s day. It is pretty tough for the ordinary working man and woman to keep up with the changing face of laws in this country. The judges and lawyers prosecute these laws, but it is the pollies who make them.

Breaking the law for some folks, are transgressions fuelled by ignorance in many cases. In Melbourne and the other cities around Australia, there is a dearth of online information pertaining to our laws. This is because the legal profession has been camped back in the nineteenth century and earlier for much of the last couple of hundred years. They wear powdered wigs and robes in the highest courts in the land. They operate out of things called chambers, structures and institutions designed in the dark ages. Combine these archaisms with each state in this nation having its own separate laws and you get a recipe for confusion and obfuscation.

The digital age is beginning to make incursions into this realm of antiquated values and ritualistic behaviours, but there is a long way to go. Our legal industry, like our religious institutions, are exclusive clubs for privileged members of our societies. They swan about in clouds of jargon and expensively tailored suits, ruminating on details of law, that the average punter rarely entertains. In North America, lawyers have always been bought and sold with greater frequency; and, there, your smartphone can tell you where you stand and on which side of the legal divide. Services offered in the Great Southern Land are only starting to come to some sort of fruition in terms of providing solutions to legal conundrums you might face.