In our modern world today, mobile adoption has offered patients access to the Internet from anywhere, user engagement is rapidly on the rise. As smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are now ubiquitous, users are flocking to their portable screens to get information on pretty much everything—including where to find the best chiropractors in their area.

Most apps that are built for practioners are built as an educational tool for patients. The various treatments and conditions available for teaching patients in the app make it really great to use in a multidisciplinary practice environment.

Today, there are hundreds of software systems dedicated to the practice of chiropractic medicine. In a sea of available software programs, which application works for you?

Below are some top rated applications:

  • Posture Screen Mobile
  • Chirotouch
  • Standard Process Purification
  • Spine Pro
  • 3DPractice
  • MySpine
  • Spine Decide


Patients are now keeping tabs on their providers right from the palms of their hands, mobile apps and push notifications are quickly becoming the golden eggs in every chiropractor’s marketing basket. And for those practitioners who understand the power of mobility and how to leverage it, the efficiencies found in mobile-empowered practices is considerable.

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